Why should I study in Ireland

Data Science in Ireland Masters degree in one year2 Years Post-study Work visa after MastersEnglish speaking countryData centres of  internet companies – Apple, Google, IBM, Infosys, Facebook,Prospect of work in 28 EU countries during work periodPR opportunity Cost of Data Science Masters in Ireland The course fee for masters in Data Science in cream of [...]

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Data Science from Ireland

What is Data Science? Data science is a term that encompasses data analytics, mining, machine learning, Big Data and several other related avenues. While a data scientist is expected to predict the future based on past patterns, data analysts extract insights from various data sources. Data science is a multidisciplinary field focused on finding actionable insights from large sets of [...]

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COVID 19 effects on overseas education

The article has excerpts from Times NOW online edition. Each year, batches and batches of Indian students plan and apply for top schools in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, etc. The fall admissions for year 2020 are completed and the students have to plan for the next intake. With the outbreak of [...]

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What is the right course for you?

Studying abroad is an unfamiliar and a novel experience for aspiring candidates. One has to do a thorough research if he/she has decided to go for the country that pops in the mind. It is vital to consider all the merits and demerits of a destination where one plans to further their studies. What do [...]

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Management (MBA) Studies in Australia

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is the most sought after course after graduation that offers various career opportunities to students across the country. It provides pragmatic knowledge that nudges students to discover practical business solutions. MBA in Australia provides a great prospect to improve career in one of the top five study destinations of the [...]

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Pursuing Higher Studies in The USA

Every candidate who wants a spike in his/her career thinks of pursuing an MBA at some point in time. Considered as a hub of techno commercial candidates, the USA has always been on the top of every management or IT aspirant’s wish list. This is also established by the fact that every year, more than [...]

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What is ROI when it comes to higher education?

Selection of right college and the right course is of utmost importance. The basis to settle on a MBA/IT degree depends on a lot of factors: Reputation of the UniversityLegacy of the institutionPlacement record Average package of the outgoing candidates Educational reforms and innovative initiatives What’s the ROI and value of your degree back in India? [...]

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New Zealand

New Zealand has always been a dream destination for tourists across the country. New Zealand is also fast becoming a dream destination for students, offering world-class educational. All of its institutions offer quality education and are in line with global standards. The New Zealand government does regular tests and monitors the standards of these universities [...]

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